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David Thorne is kind of a jerk…

David Thorne is kind of a jerk…

He glanced up at the ceiling and swallowed making his jawline even more prominent. “You know something,” he sighed. I glanced at him, focusing a little too hard on every line that curled across his face. He looks older than when I first met him. “You’re a story,” he looked at me expectingly. I raised an eyebrow wondering what he meant. He tucked his knees closer into his chest and looked away again. “I mean to say that if we got in a fight that ended our friendship right here and now and you walked out today, you would always be remembered as a significant event in my life.” He peered over at me without turning his head in my direction as if unsure how I would react.  I stared a little to long. Then I turned my chin up to the ceiling and smiled. “That’s interesting,” I mused. I sat in the silence for a moment. I thought of everything we are and have been. He shifted awkwardly. I slid my hands down my thighs to wipe off the nervous sweat. “You know,” I started, “You’re a story too. Defiantly.”

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Damn hipster friends.

Damn hipster friends.

Kiss me."
“Why not?”
“Because. I would have…”
“… but not anymore?”
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